I’m sure you have all been waiting on an update in regards to the Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) rating within the Apex community. We were able to pursue the FUS rating in earnest as of January 1st when we became an official tax-funded RDOS fire service. As part of the process, FUS requested us to undertake a fire service assessment and community risk assessment of our largest buildings, which has been completed. We were also required to ensure that Engine 121 was inspected and serviced to the required standards. The pumping capabilities were also tested and certified to meet the standards; which has been complete, and Timber passed with flying colours! 

 Finally, we were required to provide a report on the condition, maintenance and fire flow tests of the community’s hydrant system. A big thank you to Shawn Witty and the Apex Mountain Resort staff – Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to complete this. Apex Volunteer Fire Rescue and Apex Mountain Resort will continue to work together to keep the fire water supply flowing BUT the fire hydrants are only effective if they are clear of snow.  

Firefighters are equipped to remove snow and ice from hydrants but this means they are taken away from focusing on other tasks, or delayed in responding to fires. In the few minutes it takes a firefighter to dig out the nearest fire hydrant, a room or even an entire house, can become fully engulfed in flames.  

A lot of people don’t think about clearing snow from around the fire hydrants in their neighborhood, especially when they’re feeling overwhelmed with the task of trying to shovel out buried vehicles or in a rush to get on the road, but every second is precious when it comes to fighting a fire.  Not everyone is up to the job of clearing a 1.5-metre radius around hydrants, so we are asking neighbours to help each other out. If you see a hydrant in your neighborhood that needs clearing of snow or ice, we’re asking our community members to dig in!  Having the hydrants shoveled out can make a world of a difference in the fire protection of our community!